Why Choose Speed of Light for Red Light Therapy?

There are many different products on the market today that claim to be red light therapy devices. These products vary widely, from small, inexpensive wands up to full size panels and phototherapy beds costing tens of thousands of dollars. The makers of these devices all claim that their products use red and infrared light to provide some kind therapy for the user, often  advertising that they can effectively treat a wide array of different conditions and ailments. 

The science behind red light therapy is solid. There are hundreds of peer reviewed scientific papers and numerous well run clinical studies that consistently demonstrate the efficacy and potential of this technology. However, not all red light therapy is created equal. Many of the products being marketed today are not designed to fully capitalize on red light therapy’s interaction with human biology. Successfully utilizing this technology involves carefully calibrating light frequencies, power output, and time of treatment to create an optimal dose of phototherapy. If any of these conditions are outside the narrowly observed thresholds, treatments are usually ineffective.

Many of the cheaply made red light devices being imported from abroad today are of such low quality that they’re actually little more than heating pads and admit as much in their fine print. Other makers who sell large, expensive devices often adhere to the erroneous idea that increasing the energy levels of their light emitters increases their effectiveness. (link to ‘More Power’ blog) Most red light therapy devices simply are not designed to give an effective treatment dose and have little guidance for optimal treatment times. These problems all lead to the same basic outcome: ineffective treatment.

Speed of Light Products differs from our competitors by engineering high-quality red light therapy devices that are programmed to administer precisely measured doses of light. Microprocessors and custom software use pulse width modulation to carefully tailor treatments to maximize the biological response of each dose. The parameters of these doses are created through exhaustive testing, research, and analysis using the latest diagnostic laboratory equipment and computer algorithms. When paired with our comfortable, wearable technology Speed of Light products are truly the only red light therapy devices of their kind.