Using the Bodyguard and What to Expect

The BodyGuard red light therapy device comes to you ready to go right out of the box. As soon as you plug it in all 168 LEDs will start emitting therapeutic red and infrared light waves calibrated to give you the most effective therapy.

One thing you may immediately notice is that it appears only half the light diodes are working. This is because infrared light is not visible to humans. These diodes are emitting plenty of light, your eyes simply can’t sense it.

Now that the lights are on it is time to select an area for treatment and apply the light panel. This treatment does not work through clothing so make sure the lights are shining directly against your skin. 

There are elastic straps included with your device which you may use to secure the panel to your targeted area as necessary. Often it is easier and more comfortable to go without straps and simply lean or lay against the panel. Do whatever feels best!

The BodyGuard will now administer therapeutic red and infrared light for 15 minutes before automatically turning off for 30 minutes. Then it will turn back on for another 15 minutes if still plugged in and this cycle (15 minutes on, 30 minutes off) will continue indefinitely. These parameters are based on hundreds of hours of research and testing to maximize the effectiveness of the therapy. They provide an ideal “dose” that is administered without the need to pay attention to clocks or timers.

You can leave the BodyGuard on as long as you like, there are no harmful effects! However, most users can get the full benefits of this technology by using it for 15-60 minutes a day (1-2 doses). 

While using the BodyGuard you can expect to feel mild warmth on the skin being targeted. Most users don’t immediately notice any therapeutic effects while using the device. Red Light therapy takes time and real results may take several days of repeated treatment. 

Immediate Effects: A gentle, relaxing feeling of mild warmth. A minority of users report immediate sensations of relief or well-being but most feel no immediate therapeutic benefit.

Intermediate Effects:  Within an hour or two of treatment users may feel mild relief from minor aches & pains. Often the issues requiring treatment that had seemed pressing subtly become less so or are forgotten. For others effective therapy takes longer and requires repeated treatments. Be patient and stick with it!

Longer Term Effects:  After 3-7 days of daily use is when positive therapeutic effects are most often observed. Many users report that pain dissipates, energy levels increase, injuries heal and a variety of other benefits are experienced. 

The  BodyGuard’s comfortable, wearable design makes it easy to forget you’re even using it, allowing you to get a dose or two while doing other things such as watching TV, working on a computer, talking on the phone, or reading a book.

Speed of Light is devoted to providing the highest quality red light therapy available. Our motivation is to help people who have been sidelined by pain, injury, inflammation or other problems get back to their normal lives and live comfortably. We stand behind our products 100%.