The Antidote to Blue Light

Screens are everywhere in today’s society: computers, cell phones, televisions and tablets are an ever-present aspect of our lives. While these devices are pretty much indispensable to modern life, they have the negative downside of emitting lots of blue light. In small doses this light is mostly harmless, but as exposure increases with more and more screen time, harmful effects begin to emerge. These include eye problems, disruption of circadian rhythms, sleep deprivation caused by hormonal disruption, and increased mental health issues such as depression.

Red light therapy can help reverse some of these effects. Unlike the higher energy blue light common in screens, red light has longer wavelengths and emits less energy. Light at this frequency mimics the natural light you get from the sun but without the harmful UV rays and heat. Your body needs this red light in order to regulate various bio-rhythms and to stimulate the production of important hormones such as melatonin. 

Speed of Light products make high quality, precision engineered red light therapy devices that can help your body fight back against the nearly universal presence of harmful screen light.

Many people don’t get enough natural light from the sun, especially in the winter, leaving them prone to suffer from lack of quality sleep and seasonal depression. Staring at a screen all day absorbing  too much blue light only compounds these issues and further exacerbates this unnatural imbalance. This is where using natural red light therapy can really make a difference. Only a few minutes a day using Speed of Light’s red light therapy can give your body a full day’s worth of the healthy, natural light that it craves. Energy levels, sleep quality and mood can all be improved with our comfortable, easy to use wearable red light devices.

Totally avoiding screens and their blue light is probably not realistic in this day and age, but Speed of Light’s red light therapy can help your body and mind regain the natural harmony it needs to function at its best.