Red Light Therapy: More Power is NOT Always Better

Red Light therapy (also known as photobiomodulation) is one of the most exciting new technologies to emerge in recent years. The idea that simply shining light onto someone’s skin can help alleviate pain, reduce swelling, fight viral infections and combat a vast array of other ailments is very seductive.

However, while there is voluminous scientific evidence that demonstrates the validity of these therapeutic benefits, most red light therapy systems on the market today are simply not designed to get optimal results. This is a result of how red light therapy interacts with the human body: there is only a narrow and specific band of light energy (power x time) that elicits therapeutic effects. If energy is increased beyond this band the benefits quickly dissipate or even reverse. This is important because most red light devices sold today are based on the simple but erroneous idea that more energy equals better therapy.  The science has demonstrated that not only is this idea false, but it could possibly lead to ineffective or even harmful outcomes for users.

Increasing red light energy levels is easy but INEFFECTIVE. Obtaining REAL therapeutic benefit requires the sophistication and expertise of Speed of Light Products.

Speed of Light products are precision engineered to target the specific light energy levels that can trigger the numerous therapeutic effects of this powerful technology. This is accomplished by using cutting edge microcontrollers and software to meticulously control the frequency and intensity parameters of the light dose, a process called pulse width modulation.

Unlike our competitors’ blunt-force strategy of simply upping the energy doses, our products combine the highest quality materials and technology with the sophistication of modern biological science to produce therapeutic devices that are precision targeted to maximize the benefits to users.